Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Missing The Point

The Nerd Lifestyle

We’ve all been through this as Nerds. Presenting a complex system you are really proud of where someone misses the whole the point.


Whoever said that there are no stupid question, was clearly not a nerd.

Sunday, 4 September 2016


The Nerd Lifestyle

The High Tech industry is a strange universe with two kinds of people. Ones who know the art of shipping code and changing the world and others who don’t know how to ship but are pretending that they are serious about changing the world by hiding behind processes, methodologies and big words.

And then there are the rest of us – the third kind - the regular nerds – people who build systems that accept data from users and store this data in some database somewhere. As regular Nerds have no pretenses about changing the world – but we are good at what we do, which is building simple database driven applications that businesses run on and we like to live a productive life.

Sometimes, knowing that you aren’t a genius working at a Google or AWS but you can still be really efficient can bring you happiness. Sometimes, knowing that what you lack in talent you can make up in intensity and bring you closer to flow. This site celebrates that average, fun-filled, exciting Nerd life and aims to bring those Nerd Joys to you.

I hope you enjoy these joys and an occasional Nerd story or two, as much as I enjoy sharing these with you.

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